Temporary Work

Working as a temporary has changed significantly in Ireland in the past few years. Employers and applicants alike are more open to the flexibility and opportunities that short to medium term work can present. Temporary work is not only just exclusive to people travelling here for a short stay but more and more people are finding short to long temping or contracting can be an excellent way to enhance one’s cv. No longer are people looking for that role that allows them to stay for the full of their career. They are now being more proactive in seeking out new experiences. Skills and knowledge that could not be obtained in their current role can sometimes be found in taking on a contract position. This can also be a way in “a foot in the door”, to a company that possibly may not have considered them for a permanent position.



  • If you have been unemployed or out of work for some time this could be your best option in returning
  • Work does not necessarily equal Life for everyone therefore temping allows parents or individuals to earn an income and work to their own schedule
  • It offers the opportunity to gain valuable and new experiences
  • Flexibility – choose assignments when you are ready to work
  • Potential opportunity to apply for permanent roles
  • Can instil a new sense of hope and confidence in continuing to seek out other opportunities and finding that ideal job
  • Temporary roles for the most part, are more challenging, they are more diverse, and the working environment is often varied with different cultures.


Priority Placements is long established in the field of temporary and contracting and have a continuous stream of bookings for experienced accounting & finance staff.


Service available to temporaries:

  • Assistance with setting up a bank account
  • Reference for landlord
  • Payroll tax advice
  • Set up of limited companies advice
  • Competitive rates of pay
  • Public holiday pay
  • Holiday pay
  • Working with top employers
  • Preparation & assistance for interview
  • Preparation and initial induction prior to starting assignment