12 months guarantee
on all exclusive assignments

Where a Client engages Priority Placements (PP) on an exclusive basis and agree to our Terms of Business, PP will guarantee all Engagements for 12 months subject to the below conditions.

  • In the event that an Engagement terminates within twelve months of its commencement date, PP shall endeavour to provide a free replacement (subject to any fee adjustments for differences in remuneration and agreed additional advertising costs) provided that:
    1. PP has received payment of all invoices in accordance with the TOB;
    2. PP receives written notification from the Client of the termination of Engagement within seven days of such termination;
    3. The termination is not due to redundancy;
    4. The Client uses PP exclusively for this purpose for a minimum period of eight weeks from the date of the termination (“the Exclusive Period”) and does not cause unreasonable delay in the interview process during the Exclusive Period.
  • In circumstances where PP is unable to find a replacement by the expiry of the Exclusive Period, it shall refund 100% of the fee to the Client, subject to the date on which termination occurred.
  • If for any reason the Client does not require a replacement for a Candidate whose Engagement has terminated within twelve months, no refund will be available.