What to Wear for an Interview

It is essential to look at a job interview as an opportunity, and being properly prepared is the best way possible to take advantage of such opportunity. As critical as it is to be polished on your interview skills, how you present yourself to potential employers is just as important.


There is no standard dress code that is universal across all businesses; therefore it is not inappropriate to ask during communication what proper attire for that particular workplace is. Dress codes vary from casual, to business casual where a tie and trousers may be appropriate all the way to more formal attire in the form of a complete suit. It is completely acceptable to inquire as to what the dress should be to make sure you are properly prepared for the interview and make the best impression possible.


A general rule of thumb when dressing for a job interview is to dress one notch above what you would consider suitable for work on a normal basis, most likely meaning a suit will be the obvious choice. Women may wish to opt for a skirt or dress, and if this is the case it should be of a respectable length, no more than a hand's width above the knee.


Subdued colours and mild patterns should be chosen for both men and women alike. Suits should be of a dark colour such as the ever popular and timeless black, or another neutral such as grey or navy. Avoid bright splashes of colour and keep patterns subtle to keep your look professional and polished, and ensure your appearance is not distracting to the interviewer. Shoes should be sensible and neutral in appearance, avoid overly high heels or garish details, as we are not trying to make a fashion statement, simply leave a good impression.


Good personal hygiene is a must when preparing for a job interview. You want to make sure you all well groomed and looking fresh. Pay attention to little details, making sure your hair is well groomed, nails are clean and trimmed and makeup if any is subtle and soft. A neat and tidy personal appearance says a lot about you to prospective employees. The most important part of dressing for a job interview is to relay to your interviewer that you are a neat and tidy person, capable of being professional in appearance and presentation, eager and willing to enter a professional environment. Sources: www.forbes.com www.theguradian.com