Interview Tips

5 tips on how to perform to your best on the job interview:

If you have been called for an interview there is no reason not to get the job!  Your CV obviously appeals, and now you have to sell yourself in person.


1 Prepare

You may not be able to predict the exact questions you will be asked but you can anticipate at least some of them. Questions about your experience, skills, interpersonal interactions and the reasons why a company should employ you are the most common. It is also important to review the website of the company you are going to, check the location and possibly view LinkedIn profiles of your interviewers. Preparation will increase your confidence and performance during the interview.


2 Avoid General Answers: Give Examples, Shout Figures

“I am hardworking, reliable and team-player” are the three most commonly used phrases in answer to question about the reasons to employ. These phrases are very general and their overuse can take away their well-meant meaning. What you need are very specific answers. “I am dedicated, because...” “I am willing to help my teammates with their work” “I am keen to take on additional responsibilities”, and support each answer with an example or figure. They are the things that show you in action, that build a picture of you to an interviewer. 


3 Stay Positive and Be Proud of Achievements

Whatever has happened in your professional career until now, in an interview never talk negatively about a former bad experience, difficulties with employers, or team. Even more important never talk negatively about yourself: always focus on what you have done and what you can do, what you can learn or what is similar to what you already know. Be proud of your achievements: Examples – 97% target achieved for Customer Satisfaction; managing portfolio of 300 customers on a daily basis, brought in €400k revenue monthly, highlight a difficult situation you successfully resolved.  There is no time for modesty in an interview.  Promote your capabilities!


4 Body Language

Body language can be a powerful means of communication more so than what we say. Your body starts speaking even before you enter the interview room. If you have difficulties in gathering your confidence just try to do these few simple things: keep your head up and if possible keep your back straight, don’t be stiff but don’t curl in the chair; you can and should use the whole seat, never sit on the edge; don’t cross your arms, don’t lean back; maintain an equal eye contact with each interviewer; smile. 


5 First Impression

Preparation is one way to boost your confidence, another is to look for the occasion. If you don’t believe that clothes influence your mood and performance spend an afternoon trying different outfits on, you will see how it works. Interviewing is an occasion to which it is better to be overdressed than underdressed.  It never hurts to wear a tie and suit or skirt suit and blouse. Don’t overdo the perfume or jewellery. Look professional. Even if your interviewer is casual they will appreciate your effort and the fact that you are taking the interview seriously.


And finally, remember you can take your time during the interview: listen to the questions, when in doubts check if you understand them right, don’t rush through your answers and always listen to yourself.

Good luck!