Job Search Advice

Looking for a job is a full-time job

If you are serious about your job search you may realize that it is not enough to hit a reply button under an advertisement and just attach your CV. That may work when you have unique skills and experience and you are most likely the only expert in that area available. However, if you have standard qualifications and general experience, then you might need to put a little more effort to make your application different and more appealing than your competitors.

We have outlined a few rules that will make your job search process less frustrating and more likely to bring the desired result: job interview and an offer:


3 S rule - Simple, Short and Successful

Unless you are applying for a job in the creative industry, the simpler and more reader-friendly your CV is, the better. The message you want to pass is about your skill set and experience so keep it neat and orderly without unnecessary lines, tables, boxes and pictures. The simple and coherent layout will do the trick. A recruiter has sometimes hundreds of CVs to go through; if you present yourself clearly they will get your message at a glance.


Realistic and relevant

A job search more often than not takes a bit longer than initially expected and it can be sometimes a wearisome process. Still, never get desperate and apply for every single job available. The jobs that require a particular experience generally do require that experience. Therefore, to avoid disappointment and to save your time for more relevant opportunities be realistic and selective.


No to "copy+paste"

Each job you apply for can be slightly different. Therefore, you should not use the same CV and application letter over and over again. Before replying to any job advert you should review your CV, to make sure that it includes experience relevant to that particular position. Don't forget to update the application letter with the current date, correct name (& spelling) of a company or a person you are addressing your application to.


Keep a record

While seeking new employment you are very likely to send your CV to a number of vacancies. Organise a spreadsheet with the names of the companies or recruitment agencies, review it and update on a regular basis. Remembering what the job is about gives you the confidence to discuss your experience during the telephone interview and allows you to sound professional and serious about your job search.


Last but not least: check your email on a regular basis and answer your phone.

The tips above do not exhaust the subject of job search but they are definitely the basics to bear in mind.

Good luck!